IT outsourcing

Our approach

Like every other organization, yours is constantly changing. How can you successfully keep up the pace and ensure your competitiveness? With our professional IT Plus outsourcing service!

LT Plus supports your business in its evolution by handling the realization of your digital initiatives in the delivery model that is best suited to your business requirements. This can be done by setting up development teams, methodologies and best practices or through improving or developing the skills of your existing teams. Using this approach, your company can then focus on innovation.

LT Plus offers flexible solutions that adapt to your changing needs and schedules. This approach is based on creating a real partnership between you and LT Plus through which the risks associated with staffing, resource and cost management are shared.

We have the solution

  • Implementation of development teams
  • Setting up of methodologies and best practices
  • Addition of resources to existing teams
  • Skill development and continuous improvement


Since we manage the entire software lifecycle, you will get a hold of all the expertise you need to carry out your projects. It's been in our DNA for almost 20 years.

Your stakes, we understand them

Your reality requires agility from of your internal teams and relies on their ability to adapt to new situations, whether in the number of resources or required.

Lack of resources to realize your projects

  • Hard to find, niche candidates with specific skill sets
  • Complex technologies
  • Skill levels that does not meet the requirements

Risk management

  • High turnover rate
  • Longevity of services
  • Knowledge management and retention

Pressure on costs

  • Costs of recruitment
  • Shortage of resources
  • Integration costs
  • Training costs


At LT Plus, we are multilingual when it comes to programming languages. That's what sets us apart.

Your project requires a technology that no one in your organization truly masters? No problem. We’ll simply train specialists so they’ll gain the knowledge and develop the skills required. You will then be able to count on people who are experienced on the project and that will be able to work with the selected programming language, thus combining knowledge and experience to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Our realizations

See for yourself...

Why work with LT Plus?

Career software developers are involved in recruitment of other software developers. The questions they ask are essential to assess candidates' technical knowledge.

In addition to these exchanges, tests are also administered to not only evaluate the candidate’s technical skill but also determine their level of expertise.

We counsel our clients in the selection of the teams required for each project to be realized. We like to assemble the team on paper and then bring it to life.

We are innovative and creative. Needs assessment, selection of solutions, delivery model preferences: whatever your questions are, we have the answers. Or we’ll conceive them.