National Bank of Canada

Sole provider of developer teams for BNC.

Service offered

IT outsourcing


Agile Scrum, Sprint and Scrumban methodology supported by Atlassian’s JIRA


Programming: Java, React, Angular, Sybase SQL

DevOps : Git, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, SonarQube, IQServer

Quality : Xray, Selenium, SoapUI, Applitools, OctoPerf / JMeter, SauceLabs

Platform : AWS, Google, Azure

Business requirements

National Bank of Canada wants to review and simplify its developer recruiting process by delegating most of its projects to LT +.

Eventually, the BNC would also like to simplify and reduce the management of its development teams, focus on innovation, and therefore explore the possibility of outsourcing its support and maintenance teams in nearshoring mode. Already renowned for its partnership with the BNC as well as its outstanding service offerings, the proximity of LT+ made the company an ideal candidate for the implementation of such a project.


LT + oversees the creation of software development teams that meet the requirements of the National Bank. Depending on the context, LT + either recruits developers specifically for BNC projects or places its own employees at the disposal of the Bank. Team members are not randomly chosen. They are selected via a thorough selection process, based on the recruitment practices of the client, in order to find candidates that possess the required qualifications for the project to succeed as well as the technical and social skills that will enable them to quickly integrate themselves into the groups already in place at the BNC.


It is with confidence that the BNC can turn to LT + when it needs additional developers to complement or support its teams. The resources provided by LT + fully meet the requirements of the BNC, which then sees its projects run smoothly. A thorough and transparent follow-up process combined with the alignment of technologies, tools, practices and methodologies makes LT + a natural and strategic partner for the BNC.

Customer benefits

  • Developers with technical skills targeted by project and soft skills validated by the Scrum Master to ensure a complementary effect with the team they’ll be a part of.
  • Quick integration plan for the teams in place through different training sessions on the tools and practices of the BNC, as well as a presentation of the ecosystems by the DevOps team and the business context by the PO.
  • The identification of specific resources combined with the integration plan reduces the risk of velocity loss associated with the team's onboarding of the new resource.
  • LT + brings a very strong understanding of the product development cycle.
  • Comprehensive assessment of the technical and social aptitudes of the resources.

About BNC

National Bank of Canada is a financial institution providing services to individuals, small businesses and large corporations in Canada, as well as specialized services internationally. In addition to providing banking services, the BNC plays the role of an investment bank for large corporations. It has 1,374 points of service across Canada.