Global Eagle

Upgrading an entertainment platform to be integrated into aircrafts.

Service offered

Providing added capacity to software development and quality assurance teams.




Python, Angular, Web, ReactJs, mobile, embedded

Business requirements

Global Eagle wanted to develop an entertainment platform for aircrafts. To do so, the company needed a workforce with specific knowledge and experience in this type of software development. Needless to say that this expertise is not easily found on the market..


Using its rigorous recruitment process, LT Plus was able to find and hire the resources needed to meet Global Eagle’s requirements. However, their number was insufficient, so thanks to a partnership with a French company located in Montreal, LT Plus was able to provide the rest of the resources required for the development of the entertainment platform.


Thanks to its rigorous recruitment process, LT Plus was able to provide Global Eagle with resources that possessed the qualifications required to complete the project as well as the complementary professional and personal aptitudes required to be a part of strong and successful team.

Customer benefits

  • Resources with the required skills to complete the project.
  • Respect of the platform’s delivery deadlines.
  • Knowledge transfer between the specialists provided by LT Plus and Global Eagle employees.

About Global Eagle

Global Eagle is a worldwide provider of content, connectivity and digital media solutions for a variety of markets including aviation, marine transportation and home entertainment, as well as connectivity solutions for the aviation, maritime transportation, corporations and governmental institutions.